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Who sell it? Jinshan not sell to Lao Yang Jian angrily: give the old lady a good guarding, without the consent of the wife 's, who would sell the iron shop ? Yang Jian thought here, but calm down, asked: Yang Yi, toms outlet know what the other person? Yang Jian increasingly believe that these businesses from both states, absolutely have secrets, but he is after a long time to ignore the secular small, do not know what the situation Gangneung shop, had continued to ask: Yang Yi, cheap toms in iron Shop until the time is not too short, cheap toms that the other side of the big money to buy this iron shop, think what it can make money ?

I am afraid of small incompetent, can not earn more money for the master Yang Yi thought for a moment and said: Perhaps not open iron shop, opened its cheap toms shoes shop, maybe earn ? Classic right, it felt a little weird small Yang Yi also confused : this world, let alone ten years, is three to five years could not say, optimistic about what the other side Gangneung ? Tartars in the north of the river, playing again and again, if it is the last queen of the Tartars who attacked the camp, maybe the river would restrain, if not restrain the river, which Jiangling can hold it?

Yang Jian waved, so do not blame vial Yang Yi, Haoshenghaoqi asked: Where cheap toms is learned from the news ? cheap toms Talk about how going on ? A family can have a place in the top five family in Gangneung, although his natural heritage, but did not dare desperation three thirds ? Oh, very good Yang Jian nodded approval and said: three years, and learned a lot craft ? cheap toms cheap toms Know what people ? Vials, cheap toms there are other times tabloids do ? This issue is just a grain teach the word, top with some of the ugly crooked text logo, Yang Jian looked a long time did not understand, had asked: vials, how the matter?

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